• The World's Best Pole Pot - Medusa Pole Fishing Feeder, the amazing drip-feeder, pole pot and cupping kit in one!
  • We have a fantastic range of pole pots, drip feeders and cupping kits for pole fishing.

The Medusa Multi Feeding System Pole Pot

The Medusa Multi-Feeding System is the most accurate and efficient pole pot/drip feeding system on the pole fishing market!

  • No more do you need to take your hands from your pole to catapult bait towards your float - missing crucial bites in the process. This pole pot does the job for you!
  • No more do you need to waste money on bait that missed the target, forcing you to take aim at your float again in the hope of a more accurate result. This amazing pole pot sits directly above your float.

With the Medusa pole pot, you get a devastatingly accurate drip-feed directly over your swim, at your chosen rate of feed - all without taking your hands off your pole or your eyes from your float.

What could be easier than this pole pot?

The Medusa Fedder Pole Pot comes in 6 varieties:

Match Pots - our smallest pot, designed to get where other pole pots have difficulty

Size 1 & 2 - the match angler's favourite. Perfect for all baits in all swims

Size 3 & 4 - Largest in the range, and an excellent replacement for the cupping kit, as well as being a superb drip-feeding system.

Pellet Pots - available in 2 sizes (to fit match & power tips or power & mega tips).Designed to feed 6mm pellets and micro-pellets perfectly, but also ideal for feeding hemp, casters and even liquidised bread.

Our pole-pots are attached to the pole by means of our ingenious adaptor which comes in 8 varying sizes, ensuring that our pole-pots can be fitted successfully to any make or size of pole tip.

What's more, each individual adaptor will fit each and every one of our pole pots, enabling the angler to change from one feeding system to another in seconds!