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What are Pole Fishermen saying about
The Medusa Multi-Feeding System

Here's what a few of our delighted customers are saying about Medusa:

"I fished a match yesterday with Medusa and won it with a 117lb 8oz bag of carp and tench. The Medusa won the match for me as the wind was up to 20mph - all other anglers were struggling to feed with a conventional catapult. Not so with the Medusa system - it was superb to use, with pinpoint feeding, no-one else could match me. I was feeding maggot and then switched to the pellet pots and they were fantastic. I would not use anything else now. The Medusa system is amazing."
Derek Wiggins, Angler

"I have fished 2 club matches this week. I framed first and second in them. I was using your 4 pot and was able to feed liquidised bread as well as the other baits with 100% accuracy. I put this down as my main reason for winning. I cannot emphasise how fantastic your product is. They are foolproof and do everything you say. Wish I had these a few years ago."
Yours sincerely,
Michael Dobson

"A big thanks to Medusa. Won with 98lb at weekend the best money can buy."
Steve Binns

"Hello Dave,
Thought you would be interested to hear I won another club match this weekend. I was using the pellet feeder with chopped, prawn, cockles and mussels and it worked a treat. Some of the others fishing also agree it is giving me an edge at the moment and are gong to be sending their orders pronto."
Regards Mike Dobson

"Hi Dave.
Since I started getting your feeders, I have found great success.
I am having some great fishing. Last week I made NEWS in the local paper. The best days fishing ever I caught every type of fish in the lake. Weighing over 127lbs of fish.I have been passing your info to a lot of the anglers. Once again many thanks for your product and service. "
Regards Jim Borg

"Dear Dave,
Just thought I would let you know that having ordered my pots on Friday afternoon they arrived on Saturday morning on a bank holiday weekend as well!! I was able to use them on the Monday for the first time and what a days fishing I had catching well over a 100 lbs of fish!! Fantastic. Thank you so much for efficiency and for your feeding pots. They're brilliant"

Best regards, Paul

"Dave, I hope you remember me, it is Derek from Liverpool am still fishing the best pole pots ever made had them some years now last time i seen you was at haydock race course.anyway thought i would just let you know i have been smashing venue records with your pole pots.i fish them with a JIGGA float wow the results are amazing when you fish the medusa pole pots together with a JIGGA float it is unbeatable catching fish from depths of 4 inches to 6 foot i won a match yesterday with 144 pound 5 best weight this winter is 179 pound.just thought i would let you know dave if you go to all future angling shows let them know medusa pole pots together with a JIGGA float is unbeatable mate."


"Great product and as it says on the packet they do fit on any top kit."

"Sturdily made various fitments good value!"

"Best pole pots ever!

I have used these pole pots for 6 years they are far the best pole pots i have ever used no need for a cupping kit these pots come with great adaptors that fit all poles perfect they fit solid i have won over 70 matches using the Medusa pole pots.You can feed anything via these pots they are so versatile.The quality of these Medusa pole pots are second to none 1 of the best pieces of kit i have ever bought.Simply the best Medusa pole pots love m.Alien"

"I bought these years ago and now needed new ! They have lasted the test of time ,only down to me loosing some pots . Best on the market ! Thanks"

"For a price of £10.00 they are very cheap but the build quality is excellent, with the adaptors they will fit any pole, best i have used yet."

"Plenty of feed pots to cover most situations. Adaptors to fit all top kits."