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Pole Pots for Pole Fishing

The All-in-one Pole Pot, Drip-Feeder & Cupping Kit for Pole Fishermen

When pole fishing, the length of the pole can be an issue when feeding your swim. Fishing at such distances, accuracy when throwing in bait by hand or with the catapult can be a challenge, especially in windy conditions. This is why pole fishermen love The Medusa Multi Feeding System for drip-feeding, as a pole pot or a simple cupping kit, attached near the tip of the pole, and, hence, the float, providing a simple way of feeding the swim.

Below is our enitre range of pole pots in varying sizes.

Adaptors, to fit the pots to your pole, are included, but you can buy spares here.

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Match Pots - Small Pole Pots for Pole Fishing by Medusa Feeders
Price: £5.99
Medusa Pole Pots Sizes 1 & 2. Drip feeders perfect for maggott or pellets. Can be used as a cupping kit for pole fishing!
Price: £5.99
Large pole pots/Drip feeders for Maggots & Pellets for pole Fishing
Price: £6.99
Pack of different sized pole pots for pole fisherman. Amazing drip-feeder to feed maggots, pellets, sweetcorn or bread!
Price: £11.50
10 pole pots in varying sizes from the Medusa Multi feeding System drip feeder range for pole fishing.
Price: £24.95
Pole pots for pole fishing - Exhibition Bag
Price: £10.00