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If you have any questions regarding the Medusa Multi-Feeding System that are not sufficiently answered below, click here, send us your question and we'll do our best to answer it comprehensively.

Q: Do I have to remove the pole rig to attach the pole pot?
A: No, simply fold the adaptor around the pole and slide any of our pots onto it. Click here for demo.

Q: Will your adaptors fit any fishing pole?
A: Yes. Our adaptors will fit any make or size of pole perfectly. We have 8 different sized adaptors which enable the angler to fit a pole pot right on the tip end - regardless of how far the pole has been cut back.

Q: Can you fit any pole pot onto any adaptor?
A: Yes. We have 5 different sized pots and any one of our adaptors will feet any one of these pots. This allows the angler to change from one system to another in a matter of seconds!

Q: I've lost one of my adaptors. Can I buy replacements?
A: Yes, you can buy all 8 adaptors by going to our "Adaptors" section or by clicking here.

Q: Can I leave the pot on the pole whilst fishing?
A: Yes you can - and match anglers love the time it saves them during shipping in & out.

Q: Will the pellet pots also feed hemp?
A: Yes. For hemp and expander pellets, gently tap the back of the pole to drip feed as shown on our video.

Q: Which is the smallest pot in the range?
A: The Match Pot is the smallest and can hold between 40 & 50 maggots.

Q: Will the pellet pots feed casters?
A: Yes, like a dream! View the video for a demo.

Q: Do you have to use Medusa pole pots as a drip feeding system?
A: No. Our match pots and sizes 1,2,3 & 4 all come complete with plugs that fit perfectly into the pot's perforated holes. Doing this and removing the lid is perfect for potting in ground bait.

Q: I've lost some of my plugs required for plugging the holes. Can I buy them seperately or do I have to buy them along with some new pole pots?
A: Unfortunately, we do not sell strips of plugs individually at the moment. However, to save you a few pounds, you could always try taping up the holes as a short term measure. For a demo of this, see the instructional video.